A new business name will always raise eyebrows for someone, somewhere. I was always surprised by the number of people who expressed love for 'Vulture Street' as a name, claiming it evoked a real sense of place for them linked to Brisbane, music and sport. 

In choosing an epithet for our new chapter we wanted to capture the essential aspect of innovation that we believe is most important - time.  We know that innovation works best as a process that unfolds over time, and that only with the passing of months (and usually years) can organisations start to develop a rhythm and cadence to their innovation capabilities that works for their unique circumstances.

The dictionary definition of 'era' is 'a long and distinct period of history'. This is the challenge we help leaders address - how to harness the methods and practices of innovation to steward a long and distinct period of history for their own organisations. We can now see observable changes in and for some of the clients we've worked with over the last seven years, in aspects ranging from the language used during executive meetings to the new organisational structures being implemented to support long-range innovation. This is exciting, and we remain committed to understanding the different proxies and metrics for innovation maturity as it evolves (sometimes non-linearly) in each economic context.

Our new identity is also intimately tied to the overarching objective of growth. We are 'for growth' in the sense that we strongly believe that innovation is not an end in itself; instead it is a capability or mechanism that supports the achievement of fundamental outcomes: the ability to not just survive but thrive in changing market conditions; the sustainable business model that systematically creates value at scale; the achievement of enduring impact in our economies and communities, and ultimately in the lives of the people we touch. 

For us, all these worthy objectives are captured in the notion of growth, which in turn is embodied in the tree ring symbol we've chosen as our mark.  Of course, trees grow and gain strength only over time, and it is this process we strive to enable in organisations; building layer upon layer of innovation know-how and acumen. While this looks different in each organisational context, the universal requirement is the ability to learn - at the individual, team and whole-of-business level. 

Learning, growth and time - the three dimensions of innovation we know are required for enduring value and impact to emerge. At Era this is the challenge to which we remain committed.

Image from Korean artist Jaehyo Lee.